The 50/50 Toonie Toss is a weekly lottery. To play, fill out a registration card (found at our vendors) and that card will provide you with your “number for life” that is to be played on a toonie EACH WEEK. REMEMBER…EACH WEEK play only one toonie for each “number for life”. The Mud Creek Rotary Club has put your number into a database “for life”. A winning number is drawn from the database each week (not from the toonies!). If a player with a “number for life” does not play their number that week, but it is drawn from the database, we do not have a winner and therefore the jackpot rolls over to the next week. If a player HAS played their number and it is drawn, the player is contacted by the Rotary Club and presented with a cheque. You receive a weekly  newsletter as a reminder to play your toonie.
Thanks to all our vendors for their great work. Please take every opportunity to support them!
Vaughan’s Market Petrocan, Windsor
Independent Grocer, Hantsport
Glooscap Landing, Hantsport
Independent Grocer, Wolfville
Rafuse Home Hardware, Wolfville
Gaspereau Kwik Way, Gaspereau
Stirling’s Farm Market, Greenwich
Pharmasave, Canning
deGraaf’s Quik Way (The Hub), Canning
Browns Convenience Centreville
Footes, Centreville
TJ’s Convenience Store and Irving Gas, Aldershot
Fast Fuels Sobeys, New Minas
Needs Shell, New Minas
Milne Court Petrocan, New Minas
Circle K, New Minas
International News, County Fair Mall, New Minas
Park Street Ultramar, Kentville
D&M Ultramar, Kentville
North End Market, Kentville
Fast Fuels Sobeys, Coldbrook
Shell, Coldbrook
PharmaChoice, Coldbrook
Cambridge Convenience, Cambridge
Berwick Petrocan, Berwick
Wilson’s Pharmasave, Berwick
Lottery License Number: AGD-334099-23